Thank-you to our Staff!

At ServiceMaster we are proud to honour our staff who have worked so hard for us over the past year. It has been a challenging year where for the first time ever our staff  left the province to assist in the Calgary floods catastrophe program. Many of our staff were working 16 hour days and were away from family and loved ones for over 6 weeks. Our staff has showed exemplary teamwork and strength to get through this time.

Staff retention is important to us, as well as recognizing staff who go above and beyond showing a high level of dedication and work ethic. This past weekend we had a large Staff Appreciation Party where we gave out Service Awards to our long term employees:

  • Joe Dumas- 5 years plus
  • Carol Chipchase- 5 years
  • Maren McIntyre- 5 years
  • Wade Hadfield- 5 years

We congratulate them on their many years of service, growth and accomplishments throughout their careers at ServiceMaster Restore. We look forward to many more years with these staff and wish them all the best in 2014.

We would also like to send a special thanks to those Emergency Crew members that were on-call working through this past weekend. Due to the recent weather we were hit hard with claims and many of the Emergency Crew were unable to attend the party as they were called out to be in the field. We hope to do something special within the month for those staff who gave up this night work. What these team members do day in and day out should not go un-recognized and we really appreciate them.